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Rodent Control in Dallas, TX

Live Animal Trapping Experts in Allen, TX, and Surrounding Areas

We understand how stressful it is for you and your family when wild or stray animals prowl your property. With the help of Home Exterminating Service, LLC's professionals, you will no longer have to worry about getting rid of these animals. Our team is highly skilled in live animal trapping in Allen, TX. We deal with small creatures like rodents or larger pests, like raccoons.

After collecting the necessary information, we will carefully deploy traps to catch the animal as quickly as possible. Contact us immediately to learn more about how live animal trapping works or arrange an inspection.
Live Animal Trapping in Allen, TX

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

We understand that each pest problem is unique, so we tailor our methods to suit your needs. Our safe and reliable approaches ensure effective pest control without compromising the health and safety of your family or the environment. Our services include:

  • Rodent Control
  • Bedbug Remediation
  • Live Animal Trapping
  • Insect Control
  • Bee Treatment
  • Termite Detection and Treatment
  • Mosquito Misting and Repellant Application
  • Chimney Cap Installation

Residential Pest Control

We understand that pests can cause significant disruptions and discomfort in your home. That's why our residential pest control services in Allen, TX, are designed to address a wide range of pests that commonly invade households.

Whether it's ants, spiders, roaches, or bedbugs, our trained technicians will identify the source of the infestation and implement targeted treatments to eliminate pests from your living space. We use safe and environmentally friendly methods to ensure the well-being of your family and pets.

Commercial Pest Control

Protecting your business from pests is crucial to maintaining a healthy and productive environment for your employees and customers. Our commercial pest control services cater to businesses of all sizes and industries in Allen, TX. 

We develop customized pest management plans to address your business needs and regulations. Our proactive approach focuses on prevention and regular inspections to ensure your premises remain pest-free.


Aside from live animal trapping, you can also count on us to keep your residential or commercial property free of pests. We aim to ensure you feel completely comfortable where you live or work. Contact us today and take advantage of our pest control service in Allen, TX, and surrounding areas.